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able Meaning in Bengali

 সমর্থ , দক্ষ , ধীশক্তিসম্পন্ন


যোগ্য, প্রতিভাসম্পন্ন, প্রতিভাশালী, প্রতিভাধর, কর্মণ্য, সক্রিয়, লায়েক, পটু, শক্তিমান্, শক্ত, দক্ষ, ক্ষমতাশালী, ক্ষমতাবান্, ক্ষম, সমর্থ, সক্ষম,

able শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

উচ্চ প্রতিভাসম্পন্ন একটি নতুন প্রজন্মের জন্ম দিয়েছেন ।

লাঠি চালনায় দক্ষ কিংবা লাঠি দ্বারা মারামারি করতে পটু কিংবা লাঠি চালনা দ্বারা যারা জীবিকা অর্জন করে, তিনি/তাঁরা ।

এছাড়াও, লাঠি চালনায় দক্ষ কিংবা লাঠি দ্বারা মারামারি করতে পটু কিংবা লাঠি চালনা দ্বারা যারা জীবিকা অর্জন করে, তিনি/তারা ।

able's Usage Examples:

his/her team in assists and is able to create shots for themselves and their teammates.

He/she is quick and are able to hit shots either outside the.

some nouns into adjectives) -ful (usually changes nouns into adjectives) -able/-ible (usually changes verbs into adjectives) -hood (usually class-maintaining.

They must also be able to adapt to what the defense is allowing and must control the pace of the.

code, in computer network communications, to indicate that the browser was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was.

Within the penalty area goalkeepers are able to use their hands, making them (outside throw-ins) the only players on the.

On November 2, 2020, the University of Toronto announced that it was able to reach and surpass its fundraising goal of "500,000 for its Ethiopic program.

Furthermore, recent studies have indicated that humans are best able to maintain stable relationships in a cohesive group numbering between 100.

able to overtake the Germans and partially block their route at the town of Montélimar.

The ensuing battle led to a stalemate, with neither side able.

The serpent grew so large that it was able to surround the Earth and grasp its own tail.

The defensive specialists among them are notably versatile, often being able to guard multiple positions using their size, speed, and strength.

The following list includes states in which parents are able to confer nationality on their children or spouses.

increasingly became refuges for the elderly, infirm, and sick rather than the able-bodied poor, and in 1929 legislation was passed to allow local authorities.

– this means that they are able to directly kill virus-infected cells, as well as cancer cells.

CD8+ T cells are also able to use small signaling proteins.

the blank is not applicable, so that those processing the surveys would be able to see that the blank had not merely been overlooked.


ability; power;


powerlessness; unable; inability;

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