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যে ব্যক্তি গর্ভপাত ঘটায়,

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concerned about abortion and public policy, is that before legalization abortionists were dirty and dangerous back-alley butchers.

The group forbids those who wish to "take action against babykilling abortionists" from discussing their plans with anyone in advance.

Hawkeye and Trapper to not "show up looking like a couple of freelance abortionists" when they request an incubator.

pro-abortion lobby, campaigning in the early 1970s for solidarity with jailed abortionists.

Even after guaranteeing some abortionists ten clients per week, the per-abortion cost remained "500.

"spiritual adviser" to murderers Michael Griffin and Paul Hill and other anti-abortionists.

The ceremony was attended by "several hundred anti-abortionists", including Representative Bob Dornan and the Feminists for Life group.

priests, and spent my early years in the Labour Party fighting the anti-abortionists on exactly this issue.

her book Cleaning-up TV (1967): "The sooner these terrible back-street abortionists are put out of business the better! True.

a generally somewhat more respected figure among the Norwegian anti-abortionists, some long-time critics of Knudsen voiced their respect for his dedication.

Evan Whitton's report on police protection of abortionists led to an inquiry into the abortion protection racket of the 1960s, and.

"For years anti-abortionists tried to stop Doctor Tiller.

closet" DeMar also wrote a "long-term goal" should be "the execution of abortionists and parents who hire them".

"The letter Terri Butler wrote to keep anti-abortionists away".

70 amateur abortionists were sentenced that year.

letter to members of Congress last July, predicting "massive killing of abortionists and their staffs.

Under the law, abortionists were considered criminals while the woman seeking an abortion was considered.

decision by stating: "It's a pretty upside down world when we honour abortionists like Henry Morgentaler for killing over 5,000 babies and imprison precious.


Dr.; doctor; physician; medico; doc; MD;


worsen; break;

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