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Also called rappelling, abseiling uses a fixed rope to descend.

In distinction to being lowered, abseiling allows the climber to control his.

Kanangra Falls is popular with canyoning and abseiling groups, although this type of activity is often not permitted due to safety.

climbing harness is an item of climbing equipment for rock-climbing, abseiling, or other activities requiring the use of ropes to provide access or safety.

Australian abseiling (also known as Australian rappelling, Rap Jumping, Angel Jumping or deepelling) is the process of descending a fixed rope (abseiling) in.

other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming.

high and inaccessible places, using such techniques as free climbing and abseiling to reach the locations.

Rope access: Industrial climbing, usually abseiling, as an alternative to scaffolding for short works on exposed structures.

career later ended when he suffered a shoulder injury as a result of an abseiling accident.

non-skiing related climbing accident as a result of a broken carabiner, while abseiling from the top of La Beaume Rouge, in France.

It is quicker than abseiling (rappelling), although more dangerous, particularly if the person is carrying.

contains the Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs, which are used for rock-climbing and abseiling, along with Quinninup Falls, which are on the Cape to Cape Track.

Dülfer), also known as body rappel is a classical, or non-mechanical abseiling technique, used in rock climbing and mountaineering.

walking, scrambling, climbing, swimming, plunging, jumping, bumslides or abseiling (rappelling) could be involved.

The character was killed in an abseiling accident off-screen.

ropes course, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, archery, bushwalking and abseiling.

Activities run at the centre include kayaking, coasteering, abseiling, hill-walking, raft building, fishing, juggling and arts and crafts.

also be used as descenders for a controlled descent on a rope, that is abseiling or rappeling.


descent; rappel;


better; float; stay in place;

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