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acquiesce Meaning in Bengali

 নীরবে সম্মতি দেওয়া


মৌনসন্মতি দেত্তয়া, অনুবর্তী হত্তয়া, সম্মত হত্তয়া, নীরবে মানিয়া লত্তয়া,

acquiesce's Usage Examples:

supermajority and nothing can be done unless some of the members of the minority acquiesce.

son get the starting position; coach Wally Buono resigned rather than acquiesce to the demand, and his successor Jim Barker insisted on a contract clause.

magistrate judge, ruling that it is not enough that the defendant merely acquiesce to the magistrate's involvement in his case for a court to reverse a conviction.

The song is about a charming and manipulative woman who can get men to acquiesce to her every need.

The country refused to acquiesce and was, thus, absent from the 1964 Summer Olympics.

Although well-liked, his tenure was marked by a tendency to acquiesce to the desires of the most powerful NL owners; league play in the 1890s.

Though he would acquiesce and release both songs on 18 Tracks to appease his fans, he re-recorded.

Rundle taught Cree people about Christianity and agriculture, refusing to acquiesce to pressures from the Hudson's Bay Company or the government to further.

Following the Chinese reluctance to acquiesce to the more conservative Macartney–MacDonald Line, the British eventually.

The Church of Scotland mainly acquiesced in this restoration, though it felt aggrieved and the General Assembly.

demonstrated to the captors that the group were totally unwilling to acquiesce to captivity.

At 14, rather than acquiesce to an arranged marriage, he took novice vows and entered Dinglin Monastery.


connive; assent; accede; agree;


precede; refuse; differ; disagree; dissent;

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