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actualised Meaning in Bengali

 বাস্তবে পরিণত করা, কার্যকার করা,


কার্যকার করা, বাস্তবে পরিণত করা,

actualised's Usage Examples:

He resigned on 20 November 1744, but this resignation wasn't actualised and he died while in office con 22 May 1750, aged 81.

support a Hollywood film about the life of Lech Wałęsa, which was never actualised.

Formal suppression of the house came in 1569, though this was not actualised until 1602.

summed up his theory of reciprocity with the maxim: "[Divine] Being is actualised by generosity" (al-wujud yanfa ilu bi'l-jud).

truth, or the esoteric essence of religion, and, therefore, Paradise was actualised for them in this very corporeal world.

But it was not actualised until in 2013, committee member Mel Mackintosh wrote an email, emphasising.

power is drawn upon to enact the techniques of power and how this becomes actualised through a loss of connection with the 'other' and instead a reification.

Japanese version of Liancourt Rocks stamp, or Takeshima stamp, which was not actualised.

, each actualised two to three times per day, and with weather forecast up to three days.

The Airport BRT was actualised on July 27, 2011 with Route 300.

human body as a microcosm containing universal energies, which could be actualised by ecstatic union with deities.

Worms of December 1195, but due to his prolonged illness it was never actualised.

the Sephirot, Keter, the transcendent Divine Will, becomes revealed and actualised in Creation through the first manifest Sephirah Chochmah-Wisdom.

Another issue actualised in the short story is the appearance of the hidden side of the human nature.

endorsement of Berhanu Nega for the establishment of an armed resistance (later actualised as the "Ginbot 7 Popular Force") against the EPRDF government.

diocese of Glasgow, though once more it is unclear if this provision ever actualised.


represent; actualize;


invalidate; negate; unbodied; incorporeal; disincarnate;

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