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acuteness শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

হলো উপলব্ধি করা, গভীরভাবে কিছু বুঝতে পারা,উন্মোচন করা, অনুধাবন করা, সূক্ষ্মদর্শিতা ইত্যাদি ।

গার্সিয়া মার্কেস এর তুলনায় তাঁর সাহিত্য ক্যানভাসের প্রসারতা, তাঁর দর্শন ও সূক্ষ্মদর্শিতা, সময়ের চেয়ে এগিয়ে ছিল ।

acuteness's Usage Examples:

a confusion that may result if the patient does not communicate the acuteness of onset.

Cicero tells us that they placed all good in the mind, and in that acuteness of mind by which the truth is discerned.

unsurpassed in his day in his knowledge of the Roman law, and possessed great acuteness of mind, but was not distinguished for other attainments.

He showed great acuteness of mind in early childhood, had a phenomenal memory, and was an indefatigable.

numerous Latin American artists and cartoonists because of its satirical acuteness and social engagement.

Nikakis was known for his speed and his acuteness.

diarrhea, anorexia, anemia, poor growth, dehydration, and emaciation, but acuteness is usually connected to the infective dose or concurrent bacterial enteritis.

and grave consonants, consonants are highly likely to preserve their acuteness/graveness through sound change; and changes between acute and grave can.

Hence, the acuteness of his voice and his classical lyrical timber that matches his scrawny.

extended: [no] further than writing and accounts; but he was a man of great acuteness of genius and extent of understanding.

Rami bar Hama was possessed of rare mental acuteness, but Rava asserted that his unusual acumen led him to reach his conclusions.

quartet of rival basses is a testament to the power of his personality, the acuteness of his musical interpretations, and the vividness of his performances.

reported that the suspect, Smith (Honeyman), was apprehended "due to the acuteness and indefatigable vigilance of High Constable Hays.

were strongly attached to the pre-Christian Roman religions; but he had acuteness enough to see that Christianity was fast becoming the dominant religion.

the general reader, as well as for their simplicity and intellectual acuteness.

Therefore, the direct translation from Italian to English is acuteness, shrewdness or shrillness.

There is, however, no physical limitation on the acuteness of the fold.

fluent oratory, aristocratic connections, and a fair share of commercial acuteness".

principal Stoic philosophers, and Cicero mentions him as remarkable for acuteness.

greatly enhanced the fame of Rav Huna's school at Sura, but his very acuteness indirectly caused a rupture between himself and Rav Huna.


steel trap; intelligence; sharpness; acuity; keenness;


good nature; opacity; indistinctness; softness; stupidity;

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