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 খচিত, অলঙ্কৃত, সুশোভিত, উপশোভিত, সুশোভন,


সুশোভন, উপশোভিত, সুশোভিত, অলঙ্কৃত, খচিত,

adorned শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

সম্পূর্ণ কাঠের নির্মিত কারুকার্য ও ক্যালিগ্রাফি খচিত এই মসজিদটিতে কোনো ধরনের লোহা বা তারকাঁটা ব্যবহার করা হয়নি এবং এসব কারুকাজে ।

এই গ্রামে কমন্ডলু, মাছ, বরাহ, ময়ূর, ঘোড়া, ড্রাগন, হাতি ইত্যাদি চিত্র দ্বারা অলঙ্কৃত একটি পোড়ামাটির কলসি আবিষ্কৃত ।

বাড়ীটির দুই তলায় মোট ৩২ কক্ষ আছে, যা কবি হাফিয -এর বিভিন্ন কবিতা খচিত টাইলস দ্বারা সুশোভিত ।

পদকের একদিকে পদ্মফুলের উপরে ও নিচে "পদ্ম" ও "শ্রী" শব্দদুটি খচিত আছে ।

ডেপুটি কমিশনার একাধারে জেলা ম্যাজিস্ট্রেটের পদও অলঙ্কৃত করেন ।

মন্দিরটির তিনটি কারুকার্য খচিত মিনার রয়েছে ।

এর পশ্চিম দেওয়ালে কারুকার্য খচিত আয়তাকার ফ্রেমে আবদ্ধ তিনটি অর্ধ-অষ্টভুজাকৃতির মিহরাব রয়েছে ।

এই মন্দিরটি আটচালা (৮ চালা ঢালু ছাদ) পোড়ামাটি দ্বারা অলঙ্কৃত

বীণাপাণি ও ধ্যানী বুধের মূর্তি অলঙ্কৃত রয়েছে ।

adorned's Usage Examples:

by his father Ampu Jatmaka: two vertical streamers adorned with gold, two tasseled staves adorned with gold, four pennons decorated with gold paint, a.

The sole is soft and flexible and the upper part often is adorned with embroidery or beading.

columns (hence the name "columnarios") representing the Pillars of Hercules adorned with crowns and wrapped with a banner spelling "PLUS ULTRA", meaning "more.

They can be adorned in a variety of ways, including with sequins, studs, or a pendant.

denim jackets with their sleeves removed, or cut very short, and often adorned with patches, badges and painted artwork that display motorcycle club affiliations.

As with sewn boats, it is sometimes aesthetically adorned with heads (usually elk heads) on the stern post, thus might indicate shamanism.

The outer ring of the seal is adorned with the words "Commonwealth of Kentucky", and within the inner circle.

could cause the rain to fall, and as such, temples and castles were often adorned with roof ornaments (shibi) crafted in the form of a shachihoko, in order.

are attached to both front and back side of the jobawi; they can also be adorned with jewelry.

cloth are often used by horseback riders in formal riding attire, and adorned with a stock tie.

figure that stands in the middle apparently represents the chief, which is adorned with headdresses, nose rings and earrings, measuring 10.

wears a garland of human heads around her neck, and on her belt, she was adorned with severed arms and hands as her ornamentation.

These crowns were frequently adorned with gold and were worn by the Great Royal Wife, high ranking priestesses.

the world, cornrows are worn by all genders, and are in few occasions adorned with beads, hair cuffs or cowry shells.

Usually worn by men, these coats are adorned with intricate threading and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

concert tour on which the band visually projected the "four symbols" which adorned (and is a variant title for) their fourth album onto their stage equipment.

When at home, the hats were preserved on wooden stands that were adorned with painted designs.

Cakes adorned all round with burning candles were offered to the goddess.

of offerings includes knives and idols adorned with the symbols of more than one god, some of which were adorned with wind jewels.


inwrought; feathery; monocled; inflamed; gemmed; tinseled; jewelled; feathered; tasselled; crested; spangled; paneled; plumy; tapestried; tessellated; spangly; decorated; buttony; embossed; inlaid; frilly; tufted; tricked-out; crocketed; gilt-edged; bedaubed; spectacled; tinselly; clothed; champleve; wainscoted; fancy; tasseled; clad; mounted; carbuncled; brocaded; sequined; fringed; jeweled; frilled; cloisonne; raised; bespectacled; clinquant; ruffled; plumed; studded; topknotted; beady;


unfeathered; dull; unclothed; unadorned; plain;

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