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It was first published in September 2001 as ChartsPlus in order to authoritatively record the official music chart information in the United Kingdom,.

The definition of molecular weight is most authoritatively synonymous with molecular mass; however, in common practice, it is.

This was authoritatively decided by the Court of Appeal in its decision of National Bank of.

Delta Theta Phi is the only law fraternity with an authoritatively recognized law review, The Adelphia Law Journal.

Senate's deliberations, first ordered them to be recorded and issued authoritatively in the Acta Diurna.

evidence if the truth of that fact is so notorious or well known, or so authoritatively attested, that it cannot reasonably be doubted.

The piano pieces have not been authoritatively associated with any particular paintings with two exceptions: El amor.

Christ, although how Jesus' conception was accomplished has not been authoritatively established.

preferable for the area other than King's tendency towards short-term, authoritatively-run organizing.

A zone file may be either a DNS master file, authoritatively describing a zone, or it may be used to list the contents of a DNS.

Once authoritatively published, a ghost word occasionally may be copied widely and take.

community in the West which are equipped to interpret Islamic scriptures authoritatively and educate Western students in light of the cultural context in which.

astronomical spectroscopy, and was one of the first scientists to state authoritatively that the Sun is a star.

of the Catholic Church states: "When the Church asks publicly and authoritatively in the name of Jesus Christ that a person or object be protected against.

The doctrine was first authoritatively recognized in FTC v.

Defining a situation through dissociation, when done correctly, authoritatively declares the two resulting concepts distinct and rules out any further.

collection, A Financial History of the United States, has also been cited authoritatively.

Shii jurists, he is one of the few expert historians who has written authoritatively on the question.

reviews noted how his background allowed him the breadth of insights to authoritatively describe people even when there are instances when he committed ethnic.

a crime spree that began on September 28, 1995 with Rogers' first authoritatively established murder.



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