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basest Meaning in Bengali

 নিকৃষ্ট, নীচ, হীন, ক্ষুদ্র, জঘন্য, কৃপণ, অবম, অধর, অপকৃষ্ট, জাল্ম, ইতর, পাজী, কলঙ্ককর, বদমাশ, ত্তঁছা, প্রাকৃত, কৃপণবত, জারজ, অন্ত্য, নিম্ন, অসৎ, অধম, দাসমনোভাবপূর্ণ, নোংরা, খেলো, ছোট,


গোড়া, গোড়, তলদেশ, ক্ষারক, ক্ষার, ক্রীড়াক্ষেত্রের সীমানা, নিধান, উত্স, কারণ, মিশ্রবস্তুর উপাদান, আরম্ভস্থল, পদ, ভূমি, বনিয়াদ, তলা, নিম্নদেশ, মূলদেশ, পত্তন, ভিত, তল, ভিত্তি,


গোড়াপত্তন করা, স্থাপন করা, অবস্থিত থাকা, দাঁড়িয়ে থাকা, অবলম্বন করা, নির্ভর করা, ভিত্তি করা, প্রবর্তন করা, পত্তন করা, প্রতিষ্ঠা করা,


ছোট, খেলো, দাসমনোভাবপূর্ণ, নোংরা, ক্ষুদ্র, অসৎ, নিম্ন, অন্ত্য, নীচ, জারজ, কৃপণ, কৃপণবত, প্রাকৃত, অবম, ত্তঁছা, বদমাশ, কলঙ্ককর, পাজী, ইতর, জাল্ম, জঘন্য, অপকৃষ্ট, নিকৃষ্ট, হীন, অধম, অধর,

basest's Usage Examples:

music as "reggae-inspired beats with traditional folk pop rhythms and the basest of lyrical themes".

discusses a scenario of meeting someone attractive in a club and communicating basest desires to them, while extolling the virtues of physical flexibility.

Time dubbed him China's "basest warlord".

placed in the most corrupting situations, and surrounded by the worst and basest allies, he has preserved an independent spirit, strict morals, simple manners.

violation of the rights of nations" and that "dissimulation, fraud, and the basest treachery" had been employed "in order to obtain possession .

as well as Arrian and Plutarch describe him as a sycophant, one of the basest flatterers of the king.

growing power, and in growing political tensions of Rome the actions of the basest of men will shake the foundations of the city.

it only live and die, But if that flower with base infection meet, The basest weed outbraves his dignity: For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds;.

A regular example is: × / × / × / × / × / Anon permit the basest clouds to ride (33.

It repudiated God and would build its own throne upon the basest passions of mankind.

faults graces, that to thee resort: As on the finger of a throned queen The basest jewel will be well esteemed, So are those errors that in thee are seen To.

celebrated in a contemporary ballad: Of all the pirates I’ve heard and seen The basest and the bloodiest is Captain Green The Worcester was seized, probably at.

Borromini was basest of all: "He had endeavoured to debauch Mankind with his odd and chimerical.

He is consumed by the basest pleasures in life, and being granted these pleasures at a whim destroys.

John Ruskin wrote of San Moisè, "It is notable as one of the basest examples of the basest school of the Renaissance.

contain a splendid contradiction: wit and elegance at the service of man's basest drives.

in the NFL, but also criticized its startup satire for "happening at the basest level possible".

likely, then, they say, that the best of men made family alliances with the basest, receiving and giving the greatest and most valuable pledges.

this ladder model of love, a lover progresses from rung to rung from the basest love to the pure form of love as follows: A beautiful body - The lover begins.

(Profil) comments about the behavior of the Austrian Chancellor, such as 'basest opportunism', 'immoral' and 'undignified'.


ground; establish; found; build;


misconception; end; outside; inside; inessential;

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