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bathetic Meaning in Bengali

bathetic's Usage Examples:

"Bathos" or "bathetic" is also used for similar effects in other branches of the arts, such as.

defense of Arthur Collins singing the lyrics of the song and described it as bathetic.

year as a master at one of Adelaide's private schools in 1860 and for a bathetic political candidature ten years later.

oversentimentality, too much use of the pathetic fallacy and unintentionally bathetic choice of subject matter.

which too much posing as a tragedy queen has turned her deaf to her own bathetic effects.

John shapes what might have been a bathetic story into a brisk, sophisticated and artful narrative buoyed by an ironic.

one-sidedly selective, so oversimplified, and her rhetoric so hyperbolic and bathetic that whatever merits there are in her arguments are thoroughly overshadowed.

it finally peters out in a bathetic happy resolution of sorts.

is ruined by leaden dialogue, stridently dubbed, and by the sometimes bathetic acting" and that the "film suffers badly from comparison with Dreyer's.

School in 1988, where I found myself in an auditorium listening to a long, bathetic string of student awards.

melodic line" and that it "just lets Fantasia do what she can with its bathetic series of clichés.

might have been a single detail in an Impressionist street scene; the bathetic juxtaposition of the word dynamism, "with its connotations of heroism,.

And Richard Thorpe has directed in a comparably mawkish, bathetic style.

the line "wheeled out once a year, a cenotaph souvenir" and tracking the bathetic progress of the former soldier's war medal: "It sells at market stalls/Parades.

Reserved for the most bathetic bathwater.


soppy; schmaltzy; schmalzy; mushy; slushy; drippy; maudlin; mawkish; soupy; hokey; emotional; sentimental; kitschy;


unemotionality; passionless; unmoved; tough; unemotional;

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