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blackens Meaning in Bengali

 দুর্নাম করা, কৃষ্ণবর্ণে রঁিজত করা, কৃষ্ণবর্ণে রঁিজত হত্তয়া, কলঙ্কিত করা, কাল করা, কাল হওয়া,


কাল হওয়া, কাল করা, কলঙ্কিত করা, কৃষ্ণবর্ণে রঁিজত হত্তয়া, কৃষ্ণবর্ণে রঁিজত করা, দুর্নাম করা,

blackens শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

পুরুষদের বিরুদ্ধে পুরুষদের দ্বারা ধর্ষণকে গুরুতর কলঙ্কিত করা হয়েছে ।

মুখে খইফোটা অনর্গল কথা বলা; বাক্যস্রোত মুখে চূণকালি দেওয়/লাগা অপদস্থ/কলঙ্কিত করা/হওয়া মুখে দুধের গন্ধ অল্পবয়স মুখে ফুলচন্দন পড়া সুসংবাদের জন্য ধন্যবাদ ।

blackens's Usage Examples:

As with all dahlias, frost blackens its foliage, and in areas prone to frost its tubers need to be overwintered.

Dihydrochloride blackens without melting at about 300 °C.

However, mid-temperature black oxide blackens at a temperature of 200–245 °F (93–118 °C), significantly less than hot.

(sometimes referred to as Tishcohan, "tash-suk-amen" meaning "he never blackens himself"), Nutimus ("striker of fish with a spear") and Menakihikon ("a.

It hardens and blackens when cool, and the niello on the flat surface is polished off to show the.

"Wragg fire near Lake Berryessa blackens 7,100 acres, at 80 percent containment".

role of Siuda Baba is performed by a local man who dresses up in rags and blackens his face.

four major disadvantages: It is dangerous, it produces much smoke, soot blackens the cookware, and the heat efficiency is poor.

Upon its admixture, water blackens.

"Officials: Coal slurry spill blackens 6 miles of West Virginia creek".

If raised to a high enough temperature, meat blackens from burning.

This blackens the clay and makes it water resistant.

This further blackens the case again McDonald.

eyes turn toward the sky, the camera zooms into her eye until her pupil blackens the screen.

takes out his gun and quickly draws it to shoot George dead as the screen blackens out.

The witch's hat is a small mushroom which blackens when bruised and in old age.

climax but takes longer to work, up to years, and weakens the subject, blackens their fingers and hands and bruises their body internally.

Tom then blackens Jerry's face with cigar smoke and blowing it.

lamp which gets overturned spilling oil and soot on her hands and she blackens the face of her brother, the moon deity Ahn-ing-ah-neh (Anningan).


discolour; black; discolor; melanise; nigrify; colour; melanize; color;


colored; uncolored; colorlessness; discolor; whiten;

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