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blackmailer Meaning in Bengali

 যে ব্যক্তি ব্ল্যাকমেল করে,


যে ব্যক্তি ব্ল্যাকমেল করে,

blackmailer's Usage Examples:

And Lord Atkin said: The ordinary blackmailer normally threatens to do what he has a perfect right to do namely, communicate.

débutante Lady Eva Blackwell to retrieve compromising letters from a blackmailer: Milverton, who causes Holmes more revulsion than any of the 50-odd murderers.

The film follows detective Boston Blackie as he tries to track down a blackmailer-murderer.

Frank Doerr, and his huge bodyguard before he can deal with the actual blackmailer (which turns out to be the Red Sox broadcaster, Bucky Maynard).

around the murder of a "person unknown" in a street by a mysterious blackmailer.

It is a farce about a blackmailer who attempts to demand money from a young woman on the brink of marriage.

middle of the night, shortly before the murder? Who was the mysterious blackmailer who held all England in their grasp? Why didn't the famous detective.

plot follows a soldier and his girlfriend, who become mixed up with a blackmailer.

Its plot involves a lawyer who assists a widow who has killed her blackmailer.

information, the blackmailer is arguably ethically superior to the gossip.

Block writes: "In a sense, the gossip is much worse than the blackmailer, for the blackmailer.

February 1754-1797),[citation needed]) was a French procurer, forger, blackmailer and pimp.

One could fall into a pattern of letting the blackmailer control his/her decisions and behavior, lost in what Doris Lessing described.

entity alternately referred to as "the peeping tom," "the rapist," "the blackmailer," and "the half-man/half-woman") put Ethan in a potion-induced trance.

In the film, an aristocrat unmasks a blackmailer.


crook; felon; extortionist; extortioner; outlaw; criminal; malefactor;


allow; decriminalize; innocent; legal; right;

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