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boldface Meaning in Bengali


গাঢ় হরফ প্রয়োগ,

boldface's Usage Examples:

technique of emphasis through a change or modification of font: italics, boldface and small caps.

headliners appear in boldface Class headliners appear in boldface Class headliners appear in boldface Class headliners appear in boldface Class headliners.

hierarchy, are represented by sub- and super-scripted Greek letters in boldface fonts; for example, Π 1 0 {\displaystyle {\boldsymbol {\Pi }}_{1}^{0}}.

It is usually denoted by a symbol 1 or I, sometimes in boldface or blackboard boldface, with a subscript specifying the subset.

That is, the primary and secondary RGB colors (with secondary colors in boldface) are: Combining RGB colors means adding light (thus the term "additive.

Salle 66–60 FEU Most Valuable Player: Rookie of the Year: Host team in boldface.

Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface.

There is a long-standing practice of formatting transliterations in boldface and transcriptions in Italic type, as the two forms of rendering a runic.

2006 winners are listed first, in boldface and highlighted in gold; those listed below the winner that are not in boldface or highlighted are the nominees;.

The names of active players appear in boldface.

However, no boldface is used in lists exclusively for active players.

information beyond the minimum of semantic elements: colours, styles (boldface, italic), sizes, and special features in HTML (such as hyperlinks).

gestures, text enhancement such as boldface Underlining and other attention-catching textural techniques such as boldface, uppercase letters, colour-coding.

theory or quantum mechanics, the identity matrix is sometimes denoted by a boldface one, 1, or called "id" (short for identity); otherwise it is identical.

Winners are highlighted in boldface.

Two boldface asterisks appearing following a station's call letters (**) indicate a station that was built and signed-on by ABC; 2) Two boldface plus.

languages (in the following table, these differing codes are highlighted in boldface) ISO 639-3: three-letter codes, the same as 639-2/T for languages, but.

Active World Class corps are in boldface.

State capitals are shown in boldface.

} Throughout, boldface is used for both row and column vectors.


font; typeface; face; case; bold; bold face; fount;


timidity; unadventurous; timid; proportional font; fixed-width font;

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