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বই রাখিবার শেল্ফ, বই রাখিবার আলমারি,

bookcases's Usage Examples:

only furniture that Wright designed for the home were built-ins: ledges, bookcases, cabinets and sofas.

be concealed by sliding bookcases.

Sliding bookcases may be designed to slide and to swing open using hinges.

Sliding bookcases have been portrayed in.

These bookcases are sometimes exquisitely crafted with mother-of-pearl inlay or with gold leaf applied on black lacquer.

Beautiful examples of bookcases can.

the Library there from 1595; he re-organized the library and had new bookcases installed on the model of those in the Bodleian Library Charles B.

museum has a number of leather items on display including shoes, saddles, bookcases, photo albums, leather furniture, and toys.

Closely allied with the BookCrossing concept, the original public bookcases were conceived as artistic acts.

The company is best known for their high-end bookcases, Desks, and other office furniture.

behind many household features, such as mirrors, wardrobes, bookcases, sliding bookcases, and even fireplaces.

designer Gillis Lundgren and IKEA have sold over 60 million units of the bookcases worldwide.

Furness family papers document a set of bookcases created by the pair – "These bookcases were placed in position this day—February 18th 1871.

Revival parlor furniture, a set of Gothic Revival dining room chairs, and bookcases with books dating to the 18th century.

FF'E include desks, chairs, computers, electronic equipment, tables, bookcases, and partitions.

The poems of Divan-e Hafez, which can be found in the bookcases of most Iranian families, are read or recited on various occasions such.

designed entries with carved fretwork; built-in hall benches, mirrors and bookcases; wood paneling; stained-glass windows and elaborate staircases.

a Mercer tile fireplace with tiles depicting 12 trades, and built-in bookcases.

The bequest included all the original bookcases and his elaborate instructions that placement of the books ".

repair such features as skylights, stained glass windows and built-in bookcases.

its original detailing with stained oak trim and furnishings, including bookcases with leaded glass doors, flanked by Ionic columns as room dividers.

and the library with bookcases based on the original designs and restored in the on-site workshop.

Most of the original bookcases, together with the books.


article of furniture; shelf; piece of furniture; furniture;

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