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A compendium (plural: compendia) is a concise collection of information pertaining to a body of knowledge.

witnessed by his work on the metre gauge railways of Switzerland and his compendia of international railway facts for Guinness Publishing.

of al-Hidayah, which is considered to be one of the most influential compendia of Hanafi jurisprudence (fiqh).

As Styrvolt, the game is described in several Danish games compendia, the earliest being Politiske Spille Regler for de tilladelige og meest.

He left behind thirty compendia, but the majority of these are lost to modern researchers and only the.

McCormick of the Chicago Tribune, but several subsequent compendia of editorials showed overall approval in US media.

[citation needed] Anthologies and compendia have been written by Neureiter 1973, Drzeżdżon 1986, and Neureiter 1991.

In game compendia that include dice, Macao or similar games are usually included in the.

Similar compendia exist for biochemistry (the White Book, in association with the IUBMB).

CrossGen published two monthly anthologies, referred to as compendia, that reprinted several titles from the main shared continuity.

Upanishads, states Patrick Olivelle, and resembles a "medieval legal compendia".

author of a monumental county history of Leicestershire; author of two compendia of biographical material relating to his literary contemporaries; and.

valuable archival holdings, library collections, and private individual compendia all over the world for posterity, the reconstitution of dispersed or displaced.

published in 1674, is one of the earliest known English-language games compendia.

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