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However, contradictorily, subsequent research found that the drug produced fully estrogenic.

complicated in that narratives describing the birth of Freyr and Freyja contradictorily cite the birth of the siblings occurring either after or before Njörðr.

a stimulus that is perceived as painful", it then goes on to say (contradictorily in letter although not in spirit) that: Traditionally the threshold.

"curling dragon") or qiu was a Chinese dragon that is contradictorily defined as "horned dragon" and "hornless dragon".

He was also, somewhat contradictorily, described as having entrusted most important affairs of state to his.

scholars, Judith's sexualized femininity interestingly and sometimes contradictorily combined with her masculine aggression.

such as Neferkara II and Nebkara I, which represent early kings and contradictorily have a sun-symbol in their names.

parts into the time machine - to both at the same time (and completely contradictorily) find resolution in death and close the time-loop, freezing all of.

(The album notes contradictorily indicate that this performance was recorded in June 1964 and that it.

one of the most influential paintings of the High Renaissance, but contradictorily states that the High Renaissance began just after 1500.

communities: Groß-Hausen (Protestant), and Klein-Hausen (Catholic) which contradictorily became the larger of the two.

Edmund, though sexually aloof and anodyne now seems, somewhat contradictorily, highly prone to getting involved and seeing himself as an integral.

to make Gen her mentor to develop her skills on camping alone, by contradictorily, camping together until she is able to manage on her own.

be carried on more widely subscribed basic programming tiers, while contradictorily arguing that sports networks not owned by the company be carried only.

"really despicable" and a "doormat" by Ellen Terry, who also—and rather contradictorily—accused her of "hunt[ing] men down in the most undignified way".

mechanical exit systems have also been devised, including signage that says contradictorily, "This is not an exit," "Do not use this exit," or warning users that.

Alternative accounts have contradictorily suggested that after a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Truman's.

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