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cooing Meaning in Bengali



কূজন করা, ঘুঘুধ্বনি করা,

cooing's Usage Examples:

The cooing dove murmur is a cardiac murmur with a musical quality (high pitched - hence.

The species is known for its pleasant, soft, staccato cooing calls.

according to the instrument and at what volume it is played, ranging from cooing sounds on a recorder to an effect similar to the growls used by jazz musicians.

Kelly and on the Hip-Hop inspired song Aaliyah displays a "silky cooing with her voice.

The track ends suddenly with the sound effect of a baby cooing.

have a characteristic black-and-white patch on the neck and monotonous cooing songs.

Hens also coo, but this is noticeably less guttural than the cooing of the cock.

The chiming wedgebill makes a cooing sound during mating.

he shambles in his walk and talks in a low, cooing tone of confidentiality.

The animals can be vocal, with a cooing mew, and are described as sociable and playful.

The call is a series of deep cooing cro ku-ks that differs markedly from that of its relatives, such as the.

are several breeds of trumpeter pigeons which are known for their vocal cooing which sounds similar to laughter or trumpeting.

of Kashmir east to Taiwan have a soft low to-hooh not unlike a rock dove cooing.

The child was cooing with delight.

breeding territory, advertised by raising its wings, bobbing its body and cooing.

They are not known to do a lot of loud cooing, rather their vocalizations are muted or wheezy when they make any noise.

Play media Infants produce cooing sounds when they are content.

Their call is a soft cooing cur-WOO.

“Kuhu”, in Bengali, means the cooing of a cuckoo.




shout; whisper;

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