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coops Meaning in Bengali

 কুক্কুটের খাঁচা,


কুক্কুটের খাঁচা,

coops's Usage Examples:

coops follow the Rochdale Principles and promote collaboration and community work done by the members for mutual benefit.

Most student housing coops in.

"the retirement home," as it is home to co-opers who have lived in the coops the longest.

Food Buyer Accessibility Coordinator Nutrition Coordinator (only in select coops) Treasurer Members can fulfill required hours by doing many varied co-op.

involvement was given practical expression by creating schools, agricultural coops, and clinics.

Unlike fixed coops, chicken tractors do not have floors so there is no need to clean them out.

the player to build as many chicken coops as possible.

One noted player managed to build 28 upgraded chicken coops.

Rats appeared "drunk", chickens refused to enter their coops and geese frequently took to flight.

that used a cooperative technique that did not rely on interdependence ("coops").

and the neighboring Minnies Cooperative House voted to combine the two coops and become one functioning, democratically run cooperative.

Eventually there were solar coops in every ward in the District.

In 2010 the eleven neighborhood solar coops of Washington, DC formed an umbrella.


henhouse; chicken coop; farm building; hencoop;



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