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definable Meaning in Bengali

 নির্বচনীয়, নিরূপণীয়,


নিরূপণীয়, নির্বচনীয়,

definable's Usage Examples:

Informally, a definable real number is a real number that can be uniquely specified by its description.

f:\subseteq \mathbb {N} ^{k}\to \mathbb {N} } is called arithmetically definable if the graph of f {\displaystyle f} is an arithmetical set.

is definable using φ.

Every element of a structure is definable using the element itself as a parameter.

Some authors use definable to mean definable without.

not be definable relative to the model (Hamkins et al.

If M contains all integer sequences, then the set of integer sequences definable in M will.

A basic form of equivalence, definable on lambda terms, is alpha equivalence.

user-definable code pages (or actually CCSIDs in the context of IBM CDRA), whereas the range 65280-65533 (FF00h-FFFDh) is reserved for any user-definable "private.

paradox arising from an expression like "The smallest positive integer not definable in under sixty letters" (a phrase with fifty-seven letters).

Presburger-definable if and only if it is definable in Büchi arithmetic of base k {\displaystyle k} for all k ≥ 2 {\displaystyle k\geq 2} .

A relation definable.

They can also be characterized logically as languages definable in FO[<], the first-order logic over the natural numbers with the less-than.

Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory (ZF) that asserts that the image of any set under any definable mapping is also a set.

be ordinal definable if, informally, it can be defined in terms of a finite number of ordinals by a first-order formula.

Ordinal definable sets were introduced.

It is thus a relative concept, only definable with respect to some focal event within a frame, not independently of.

totally ordered by < is called an o-minimal structure if and only if every definable subset X ⊂ M (with parameters taken from M) is a finite union of intervals.

In mathematical logic, a definable set is an n-ary relation on the domain of a structure whose elements are precisely those elements satisfying some formula.

Rather than meeting at sharp, definable angles as the sides of a triangle do, in a tri-oval these angles are instead.

It also featured three different font sizes, user definable keys, copy-and-paste, a Sinclair QL-like windowing system, sprites and.

include: Different pens, sprays and user-definable brushes 'Undo' function Textured fills (with user-definable patterns including stipples, hatches, bricks.

logic, the word definable may refer to: A definable real number A definable set A definable integer sequence A relation or function definable over a first.

footpath to it across the estuary marked on Ordnance Survey maps but has no definable marks that make it obvious; it can be reached on foot at low tide and.




incalculable; indeterminable;

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