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deflection Meaning in Bengali

 বিনিময়তা, পরিবর্তনকাল, পথবিচ্যুতি,


পরিবর্তনকাল, বিনিময়তা,

deflection শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

এর একমাত্র মহাকর্ষীয় প্রভাব হল বস্তুর (অথবা আলোর) সাথে এর পারস্পরিক বিনিময়তা যা স্ট্রিং এর বিপরীত দিকে কাজ করে (টপোলজিক্যাল প্রভাব) ।

যদিও পূর্বাভাষটি অশোধিত ছিল, তবুও সেটি দ্বারা মাপা যায় যে সেই পথবিচ্যুতি অশুন্য ।

একটি পাশর্্বীয় বল প্রয়োগ মধ্যে দুই প্রান্ত কলাম, তৈরি, একটি ছোট ঘুরপথে বিনিময়তা, যা disappears, এবং কলাম আয় করতে তার সোজা ফর্ম যখন পাশর্্বীয় বল অপসারণ ।

লক্ষ করে দেখা যায় যৎসামান্য পথবিচ্যুতি হয়ে ধনাত্মক আধান বিশিষ্ট আলফা কণা ধাতব পাত ভেদ করে চলে যায় ।

deflection's Usage Examples:

televisions the beams are bent by magnetic deflection, using a deflection yoke.

Electrostatic deflection is commonly used in oscilloscopes.

In American football, a pass deflected, also known as a pass deflection, a pass defended, a pass defensed, a pass knockdown, or a pass breakup, is an incomplete.

The detector (5) records the deflection and motion of the cantilever (1).

Most deflection efforts for a large object require from a year to decades of warning,.

electrode produces a positive deflection depolarization of the heart away from the positive electrode produces a negative deflection repolarization of the heart.

the maximum bending moment and deflection.

The maximum bending moment M m a x {\displaystyle M_{max}} and deflection δ m a x {\displaystyle \delta _{max}}.

In engineering, deflection is the degree to which a structural element is displaced under a load (due to its deformation).

gravitational lens produces a maximum deflection of light that passes closest to its center, and a minimum deflection of light that travels furthest from.

field): The electric deflection is given by Θ = F e l / m v 2 {\displaystyle \Theta =Fel/mv^{2}} , where Θ is the angular electric deflection, F is applied electric.

Beam deflection tubes, sometimes known as sheet beam tubes, are vacuum tubes with an electron gun, a beam intensity control grid, a screen grid, sometimes.

relativity, in 1916: the perihelion precession of Mercury's orbit the deflection of light by the Sun the gravitational redshift of light In the letter.

common name for a class of traffic calming devices that use vertical deflection to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions.

load-induced) deflections.

These deflection limits are not imposed due to strength capacities of the mullions.

Rather, they are designed to limit deflection of the.

A demonstration of an asteroid deflection is a key test that NASA and other agencies wish to perform before the.

The QRS complex is the combination of three of the graphical deflections seen on a typical electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG).


aberrance; warp; deviance; aberration; aberrancy;


gain; fill; acidify; demulsify; fall asleep;

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