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deists Meaning in Bengali

 শ্বরবাদী ব্যক্তি,


শ্বরবাদী ব্যক্তি,

deists's Usage Examples:

Such philosophers were called "deists" and the philosophical position that they advocated is called "deism".

it to the philosophers, whether they are Theists, Pan-theists, Atheists, Deists (and why not also Pandeists?).

ascribed to all deists.

Christian deism is a term applied both to Christians who incorporate deistic principles into their beliefs and to deists who follow.

Deists reject atheism, and there were a number of different types of deists in the 17th and 18th century.

to overcome their innate sinfulness, deists argued, religious leaders had enslaved the human population.

In this tract he makes a valiant defence of the deists, and anticipates here and there his Christianity as Old as the Creation.




religious person;

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