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dimes Meaning in Bengali

 দশ সেণ্টের রৌপ্যমুদ্র্রা,


দশ সেণ্টের রৌপ্যমুদ্র্রা,

dimes's Usage Examples:

have occasionally been quoted on signage and other materials in terms of dimes, abbreviated as "d" or a lowercase "d" with a slash through it (₫) as with.

Mercury dimes: 1942/41.

Lange, Mercury dimes: Collecting.

Lange, Mercury dimes: 1945-S Micro S.

Lange, Mercury dimes: Grading.

Lange, Mercury dimes: Counterfeit.

These coins were much smaller than dimes in diameter and thickness, appearing to be "half dimes".

the early and mid-twentieth century they were commonly known as five and dimes or dime stores.

The size of half dimes and dimes necessitated a smaller array of elements.




sudden; articulate; light;

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