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disingenuously Meaning in Bengali

disingenuously's Usage Examples:

(including when sometimes it is disingenuously clothed as anti-Zionism), Islamophobia (including when it is sometimes disingenuously dressed up as patriotism).

Many of the groups are founded on pseudoscience, named disingenuously, and underplay their links to Scientology.

has potential for tactical voting: Voters opposed to one party might disingenuously choose a weaker candidate from that party, setting the candidate up.

liquidate dozens of honest people to advance himself, a man who could disingenuously claim that the deaths of those he murdered were necessary in the Bolshevik's.

Grant – Grant is displayed disingenuously, as a "'silent, shabby, stubborn' man who liked animals more than people".

Henry of Huntington's Historia Anglorum perhaps disingenuously reports the prohibition of 1102 as a novelty, "something formerly not.

The Pasha has disingenuously pretended to believe he is the Hosnani in the incriminating papers so.

of the Mysteries begins with the letter "R" as one of the characters disingenuously points out towards the end of the series.

Editors at The Verge defended Jeong, saying that the tweets had been disingenuously taken out of context and comparing the episode to the harassment of.

leg by Avilla, Peck proudly boasts his ability to manipulate him and disingenuously ascribes his corruption and sociopathy to the need to provide for his.

unable to dispute this, climate deniers, "(or sceptics as they are disingenuously described in this book) have made sustained attempts to discredit climate.

The plainant extols the Lord's "merit" and, disingenuously, his own meagre abilities, his "wit".

noteworthy phenomenon, that the absolute disjunction may be used quite disingenuously, precisely for the purpose of evasion.

person ever to say "fuck" on British television; he claimed, perhaps disingenuously, that the word no longer shocked anyone.

the football ground was chosen by the club's founding directors to disingenuously persuade supporters that Fratton Park's true location - in Milton -.

Hind somewhat disingenuously claimed that the name was not a reference to Queen Victoria, but the.

, which promoted the single "You and Me" somewhat disingenuously as the band's debut.

accused him of doing so, stating that both Niehaus and Faber had acted disingenuously.



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