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eastbound শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

"Eastbound Tube of Wheeling Tunnel to Open Friday" ।

eastbound's Usage Examples:

number of undivided lanes at any point on the freeway is nine in the eastbound direction approaching Antoine Drive (though this includes one exit-only.

as Route 110 (signed as I-110) until 1968, is signed overhead for I-10 eastbound and for U.

incomplete, only allowing continuous travel from southbound US 101 to eastbound I-580 (via exit 451B) and from westbound I-580 to northbound US 101.

eastbound to Highway 410 northbound which remains the longest in the Greater Toronto Area, while the Highway 410 southbound to Highway 401 eastbound flyover.

There are only two eastbound exits east of the toll barrier, whereas there are four westbound exits.

direction while a rest area is located in the eastbound direction.

Upon crossing into Blairstown Township, the eastbound direction narrows down to three lanes.

Haggerty Road and Ozga Road was widened from four to six lanes, and the eastbound lanes were realigned to facilitate construction of an interchange with.

US 65 joins I-40 westbound, while US 67 and US 167 join I-40 eastbound from I-30's eastern terminus.

Through a significant portion of the canyon, the eastbound lanes extend cantilevered over the Colorado River and the westbound lanes.

southern terminus of I-41; eastbound exit and westbound entrance Zion 2.

80 2 IL 173 (Rosecrans Road) Westbound exit and eastbound entrance Wadsworth 4.

fourth lane opened on eastbound I-4 between the downtown junction and 50th Street (led in by a newly opened third lane on the eastbound I-4 ramp from northbound.

Traveling eastbound from O'Hare, the Kennedy interchanges with the eastern terminus of the.

heads southeast on National Pike, a three-lane undivided road with one eastbound lane and two westbound lanes that soon narrows to a two-lane road as it.

1 28 Route 342 – Hudson Westbound exit, eastbound entrance 32.

West, while the southbound direction is signed as westbound I-80 and eastbound I-580.

battles, construction began in 2002 and the new bridge opened to carry eastbound traffic on July 16, 2007, while the 1950 bridge was reconfigured to carry.

narrows to two lanes eastbound and head into the borough of Rosslyn Farms, turning southeast and coming to a westbound exit and eastbound entrance with Rosslyn.

interchange leading to downtown Honolulu has a westbound exit and an eastbound entrance.

the eastbound and westbound lanes by Jersey barriers.

Due to traffic pattern changes caused by the I-64 reconstruction, the lanes travel eastbound all.


eastward; east;


westside; westbound; west;

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