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edematous Meaning in Bengali

তরল একটি অত্যধিক আহরণ সঙ্গে ফুলে

edematous's Usage Examples:

erythematosus is a rare, but distinctive entity in which patients present with edematous erythematous plaques, usually on the trunk.

Its presence in plasma is used to differentiate between hemorrhagic and edematous pancreatitis.

thumbs protruding into the intestinal lumen, and is caused by thickened edematous mucosal folds.

However, some parts of the edematous skin is tethered by the hair follicles and the sweat glands such that.

(osmotic diuretic) or hypertonic saline are given to draw fluid out of the edematous cerebrum to minimise secondary injury.

dermatosis of the dorsal hands is a skin condition that presents with edematous pustular or ulcerative nodules or plaques localized to the dorsal hands.

An edematous areola is a swollen and tender inflammation of the areola of the breast.

cutaneous condition characterized by multiple milia within an erythematous edematous plaque.

represent either regenerating mucosal islands between areas of ulceration, edematous polypoid tags or granulation tissue covered by epithelium.

left retracted for a long period, some of the foreskin tissue may become edematous (swollen with fluid), which makes subsequent reduction of the foreskin.

minor—typical targets or raised, edematous papules distributed acrally Erythema multiforme major—typical targets or raised, edematous papules distributed acrally.

macrophages to degrade extracellular albumin, allowing faster resorption of edematous fluids.

A gingival pocket presents when the marginal gingiva experiences an edematous reaction, whether due to localized irritation and subsequent inflammation.

When prolapsed tissues are edematous and necrotic, amputation is performed.

Nasal mucous become edematous and block the airway.

Infected cattle also may develop edematous swelling in their limbs and exhibit lameness.

Morbus Morbihan : A rare cause of edematous swelling of the eyelids.

In hot weather, ankle becomes hot, edematous, swollen and painful.

edematous's Meaning':

swollen with an excessive accumulation of fluid


unhealthy; dropsical;


healthy; unwellness; robust;

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