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engross Meaning in Bengali

 সম্পূর্ণরুপে নিমগ্ন করা


সম্পূর্ণ আচ্ছন্ন করা, সম্পূর্ণ কিনিয়া ফেলা, পাইকারিভাবে ফেলা, একচেটিয়া করা, সম্পূর্ণ আত্মসাৎ করা,

engross's Usage Examples:

those immortals would in time become proprietors of the whole nation, and engross the civil power, which, for want of abilities to manage, must end in the.

marketing offences in English common law The process of preparing an engrossed bill in a legislature Illuminated manuscript production and design processes.

If this does not completely engross, still it thoroughly confuses and dulls the mind.

Angelides with "Just the kind of weird background music that's guaranteed to engross whenever you lend it both ears".

Then in 1529 Ambrosius Höchstetter tried to engross the whole quicksilver stock in a cartel; this failed attempt to corner.

histories, and journals of the Senate, as well as clerks that amend, engross, and enroll bills.

It may engross a vast, unknown, and perhaps unknowable area.

1796) was the engrosser or penman of the original copy of the United States Constitution.

The handwritten document that Shallus engrossed is on display.

” Doomscrolling, the compulsion to engross oneself in negative news, may be the result of an evolutionary mechanism.

"The officer appointed to 'engross fines' (chirographs), in the Court of Common Pleas (Abolished in 1833.

Thrale was very vexatious in wishing to engross all his attention, which annoyed him much".

Trueman of Next Generation said, "There's more than enough in this title to engross even the most cynical racing fan until the first 128-bit motocross game.

yearnings and contains enough quiet drama and soothing emotion to completely engross the listener in every word of the eloquently penned lyrics".

foredoomed his [uncle's] soul to cross/ And paint a picture where he should engross.

In this dance both men and women take part and continue to engross themselves for the whole night.

Reception Jean-Marc Oliveres of Clubic wrote that the game would engross players into its story and history.

of the Crown, it is his duty, as appears by his patent, to make out and engross all letters patent for the appointment of sheriffs; all commissions of.

” This led Miller and Morris to fully engross themselves in songwriting.

positive reviews from professional critics, who praised the book's ability to engross readers despite the difficult subject matter.

hired by Charles Thomson, Secretary of the First Continental Congress, to engross (transcribe) an address to the King of England.


center; plunge; centre; engulf; absorb; immerse; drink in; pore; concentrate; soak up; rivet; steep; drink; focus;


dishonor; abstain; indistinctness; softness; soften;

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