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enjoyability Meaning in Bengali

enjoyability's Usage Examples:

skipped in the shooting schedule without seriously detracting from the enjoyability, intensity, impact, and memorability of the finished product.

organization, founded in 1914, whose mission is to improve maritime safety and enjoyability through classes in seamanship, navigation, and other related subjects.

Pro-Am was well-received for its visuals, sound, gameplay, and enjoyability.

Opinions of the game's overall enjoyability and longevity were also mixed.

the production process and, in doing so, has decreased the quality or enjoyability of the music.

Reviewers praised the game's enjoyability, mix of action and strategy, graphics and sound.

originality and thoughtfulness elevated the movie's overall experience and enjoyability.

addition of information boards, fingerposts and other features to increase enjoyability and awareness of points of interest.

In addition, the review stated originality, addictivity and enjoyability of Pssst.

and 'Heart of Hearts' imitate the band's glory daze to the point of enjoyability".

praising the strong songwriting and production, as well as the band's enjoyability for those who are inherently partial to the genre.

He also praises the ride for its speed and enjoyability, "[The train] heads through those elements at a good clip and keeps the.

Great performances and relatable situations support the general enjoyability of the episode.

IGN's Jonathon Dornbush praised the Super NES Classic's features and enjoyability.

They praised her design and enjoyability to play as well as being "the monster that is man" in contrast with the.

stating "it’s all rather queer, but does oddity necessarily equate to enjoyability?".

album three stars, commenting that "Most of the songs had some high enjoyability to them".

Generally the reception of the novel highlights the humor and enjoyability of the plot.

The benefit of traffic restriction is improvement in the enjoyability of the park; with cleaner air, safer roads for walkers and cyclists,.

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