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fairground's Usage Examples:

having a court to adjudicate on offences and disputes arising within the fairground.

A fairground organ (French: Limonaire; Dutch: Kermisorgel) is a pneumatic musical organ covering the wind and percussive sections of an orchestra.

The collection includes fairground rides, a display farm and two railways.

A Waltzer is a flat fairground ride that often forms the centrepiece of traditional British and Irish fairs.

connecting the Hanover fairground to the A 7.

The two parts are linked by the B 3, the whole system is known as the Messeschnellweg (fairground expressway).

boat, colloquially known as a "shuggy boat" in Northern England, is a fairground ride in which pairs of riders pull ropes to swing back and forth.

as the permanent fairs of cities and seaside resorts might be called a fairground, although technically this refers to the land where a fair is traditionally.

The Orbiter is a fairground ride, which involves a number of cars spun by a rotating axis.


piece of land; piece of ground; tract; parcel of land; parcel;


uncover; unwrap; unite; outfield; infield;

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