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গোষ্ঠী, গোত্র, অন্বয়, বর্গ, ঝাড়, দল, জাত্যংশ, জাতি, কুল, বংশ, আত্মীয়স্বজন, পরিজনবর্গ, অভিজন, ঘর, সংসার, পরিবার,

family শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

নানা প্রকার বাঁশঝাড়ে নানা সময়ে ফুল ধরে; কোনোটিতে ফি-বছর, কোনোটিতে ।

ঝাড়খণ্ডে ভূমিজদের ।

টোট্যাম হচ্ছে আত্মা, পবিত্র বস্তু বা প্রতীক যা পরিবার, বংশ, জাতি, গোষ্ঠী বা গোত্রের প্রতীক হিসেবে কাজ করে ।

এসব গুচ্ছকে বাঁশ ঝাড় বলে ।

স্থাপনকারী বিভিন্ন নেটিভ আমেরিকান গোষ্ঠী থেকে সেমিনোল জাতি নৃগোষ্ঠী আবির্ভূত হয়েছিল, উত্তর মুস্কোইই এমনই একটি উপজাতি বর্তমান জর্জিয়া ও আলাবামার বৃহৎ ।

এখানে এরা দ্বাদশ বৃহত্তম উপজাতি গোষ্ঠী

family's Usage Examples:

Modern Family is an American mockumentary family sitcom television series created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan for the American Broadcasting.

The Indo-European languages are a language family native to western and southern Eurasia.

In some cultures, a surname, family name, or last name is the portion of one's personal name that indicates their family, tribe or community.

family under patriarch Vito Corleone (Brando), focusing on the transformation of his youngest son, Michael Corleone (Pacino), from reluctant family outsider.

The Rothschild family (/ˈrɒθstʃaɪld/) is a wealthy Jewish family originally from Frankfurt that rose to prominence with Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744–1812).

A language family is a group of languages related through descent from a common ancestral language or parental language, called the proto-language of that.

The show follows the Bluths, a formerly wealthy dysfunctional family.

business partner allegedly left with all the company's capital, so the family moved back to San Diego.

The British royal family comprises Queen Elizabeth II and her close relations.

family as a whole reacts to a central challenge.

Soprano, and was also shown to be close friends with fellow DiMeo crime family mobsters Paulie "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri, Silvio Dante, and was once a.

Bohemia at the battle on the Marchfeld in 1278, he subsequently moved the family's power base to Vienna, where the Habsburgs ruled until 1918.

(UK: /ˈdɪnəsti/, US: /ˈdaɪnəsti/) is a sequence of rulers from the same family, usually in the context of a feudal or monarchical system, but sometimes.

In human society, family (from Latin: familia) is a group of people related either by consanguinity (by recognized birth) or affinity (by marriage or other.

The Five Families (New York, New York) Bonanno crime family Colombo crime family Gambino crime family Genovese crime family Lucchese crime family Kansas.

The Gambino crime family (pronounced [ɡamˈbiːno]) is one of the "Five Families" that dominate organized crime activities in New York City, United States.


home; extended family; menage a trois; broken home; household; nuclear family; unit; foster family; conjugal family; foster home; menage; house; social unit;


uninitiate; disrepute; crossbred; purebred; divest;

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