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godforsaken Meaning in Bengali

 অতীব জঘন্য, পাণ্ডববর্জিত,

godforsaken শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

বন্ধ করা পাড়া মাথায় করা চিৎকার করে আশেপাশের লোকেদের ব্যতিব্যস্ত করা পাণ্ডববর্জিত দেশ নির্জন অঞ্চল পাততাড়ি গুটানো জিনিসপত্র/ব্যবসায় গোটানো; পাতাচাপা ।

godforsaken's Usage Examples:

"Beyond My Control" (godforsaken mix) 8:03 3.

remix) – 7:45 "Regrets" (extended club remix) – 7:13 "Beyond My Control" (godforsaken mix – 8:03 "Désenchantée" (club remix) – 8:10 "My Soul Is Slashed" (the.

He has a childlike love of Paris, with its godforsaken little cafes, its bars, its streets, and its nightlife that never ends.

Palestine war in which it follows a squad of IDF soldiers trying to hold a godforsaken post in the Negev desert.

managers" "In the Future, the value of your job will decrease, thanks to the godforsaken hellhole of North Dakota".

subsequently described as "terrifying", "disturbing", "nonsensical" and "a godforsaken nightmare".

After the earthquake Hook was heard to say: "It is a godforsaken place.

physically – were the generations who grew up in that Galut, even in the most godforsaken places.

Assuming she's been brought to this godforsaken spot strictly for illicit purposes, Lucy eventually realizes that McTeague's.

godforsaken hole called .


waste; inhospitable; wild;


tameness; tame; quiet; hospitable;

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