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goggled Meaning in Bengali

 বড় বড় নেত্রবিশিষ্ট, ঘূণ্র্যমান নেত্রবিশিষ্ট,


ঘূর্ণিত করা, চক্ষু ঘূর্ণিত পাকান, চক্ষু ঘূর্ণিত করা,

goggled শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

পরিবর্তন করে এবং যে তলে বুলোয়ারকে অনুভূমিক থেকে উল্লম্ব বা বিপরীত দিকে ঘূর্ণিত করা হয়েছে, তার দ্বারা উত্পাদিত শব্দটির সংশোধন নিয়ন্ত্রণ করা যায়, এভাবে ।

goggled's Usage Examples:

The black-goggled tanager (Trichothraupis melanops) is a species of bird in the family, Thraupidae.

character, but wearing a completely different, more streamlined costume (and goggled helmet) than the one worn in the tv series.

Kháng goggled at this information, but said nothing further.

sister group to a group containing the fulvous-crested tanager, the black-goggled tanager, the shrike tanagers and the grey-headed tanager.

game, saying, "In all it's a game for master tacticians rather than be-goggled fighter pilots.

A mysterious goggled man from the dream realm who knows the secret that binds Colby and Iris.

Creurgops – 2 species Eucometis – grey-headed tanager Trichothraupis – black-goggled tanager Loriotus – 3 species Coryphospingus – 2 species Tachyphonus – 5.

are murals depicting plumed felines holding conch shells and images of a goggled deity (this deity has been associated with the rain god Tlaloc of the much.

of the subfamily Tachyphoninae and is the sister species to the black-goggled tanager in the monospecific genus Trichothraupis.

Editor Arthur Schmidt juggles shots of the runway, the plane, Lindbergh's goggled concentration, the muddying undercarriage, Mahoney, the girl, back to the.

together mixed flocks has been mentioned already, for example the black-goggled tanager is an opportunistic feeder that will appear at but keep its distance.

she began a series of threatening, monumental male heads, known as the goggled heads.

From the costumes of Richardson's goggled henchmen to the way David tells Elise to hold onto him so that they can.

complained that it was "turning the aliens into a freak show, something to be goggled at, rather than truly met.

I goggled.

since the identification of Tlaloc as the Rain God who had large fangs and goggled eyes, there seems to be an over-labeling of different religious figures.

Genus Tiaris – grassquits (polyphyletic) Genus Trichothraupis – black-goggled tanager Genus Urothraupis – black-backed bush tanager Genus Volatinia –.

He was, of course, goggled-eyed to do it, and I think he said to me once: 'Mr.


look; gape; gawp; gawk;


back; disagree; mistrust; distrust;

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