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As at most universities, when graduating, graduands wear the dress appropriate to the degree to which they are to be admitted.

Female graduands are recommended to wear sleeved black or white dresses, or white blouses and dark skirts or trousers.

Lucy Cavendish St Edmund's Hughes Hall Homerton During the congregation, graduands are brought forth by the Praelector of their college, who takes them by.

Biological Sciences of the University of Aberdeen holds a reception for graduands and their guests here each July.

Also, more than 60% of its first degree graduands yearly proceed for postgraduate studies abroad with high success rate.

at most other universities (exceptions include Oxford and Cambridge), graduands will wear the gown, hood and hat appropriate to the degree they are about.

the Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (PCN) inducted 236 fresh pharmacy graduands of Madonna University.

They will have a procession of the academic staff and graduands, a valediction and then they are handed the certificates by the chief.

officials and less frequently also by graduands (for example, they are compulsory for male Cambridge graduands, and optional for women).

"YFile - Educators tell graduands to convert passion into action".

King's College London graduands wearing academic dresses without caps.

The Honorary Graduands - July 2015 degree honorary graduands online Debrett's Peerage.

He graduated and appeared on the list of graduands in 1994, but he did not attend the ceremony.

At a University of Manchester graduation ceremony the graduands wear the academic dress appropriate to the qualification they are about.

is responsible for authorising degree programmes, issuing degrees to graduands and honorary recipients, and for the discipline of students.

including Glasgow, award the degree of Master of Arts as a first degree; graduands to receive a Master of Arts degree as their first degree therefore wear.

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