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Christian New Testament scholars attacked Judaism for supposedly being "legalistic"; this accusation has been rebutted by other scholars, such as E.

Al-Ḫaṣṣāf is also the author of a Kitāb al-ḥiyal wa-l-maḫārij, a work on legalistic trickery or ḥiyal, and a kitāb aḥkām al-awqāf, on religious institutions.

degree of political autonomy from national or federal government, but this legalistic usage of the term may conflict with anthropological definitions.

which was historically a matter of kinship, has become increasingly legalistic.

Kerekasztal-tárgyalások) were a series of formalized, orderly and highly legalistic discussions held in Budapest, Hungary in the summer and autumn of 1989.

Jewish Babylonian Aramaic אַגָּדְתָא; "tales, fairytale, lore") is the non-legalistic exegesis which appears in the classical rabbinic literature of Judaism.

Land for peace is a legalistic interpretation of UN Security Council Resolution 242 which has been used as the basis of subsequent Arab-Israeli peace making.

Whereas Harney was recognized as a legalistic and cautious Unionist, Lyon was an outspoken Abolitionist, with a long-standing.

The mutiny of the title is legalistic, not violent, and takes place during Typhoon Cobra, in December 1944.

perspective, first-century Palestinian Judaism was dismissed as sterile and legalistic.

Under a legalistic interpretation of the ALP rules, Seiffert was readmitted to the party.

Written Torah and Oral Torah (spoken law and sermons), as well as non-legalistic rabbinic literature (aggadah) and occasionally Jewish religious laws (halakha).

sovereignty while the second ones would reflect its reassuring, daylight and legalistic aspect.

However, the highly legalistic account is quite out of character for the period.

singular ḥīla حيلة "contortion, contrivance; device, subterfuge") is "legalistic trickery" in Islamic jurisprudence.

a statement of reservation led to the development of longer and more legalistic wordings, which have persisted despite the developments in international.

with some being explicitly antinomian whereas others are nomistic or "legalistic" in nature.

Although Spener did not directly advocate the quietistic, legalistic, and semi-separatist practices of Pietism, they were more or less involved.

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