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letterpress Meaning in Bengali

 মুদ্রিত অক্ষর


মুদ্রাঙ্কিত বিষয়, মুদ্রাঙ্কিত অক্ষরসমূহ, অক্ষরের ছাপা,

letterpress শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

১৫শ শতকে ছাপাখানার আবির্ভাবের পরে সরলীকৃত মুদ্রিত অক্ষর বেশি জনপ্রিয় হয়ে ওঠে এবং মানুষ এগুলির মতো করেই বেশি করে লিখতে আরম্ভ ।

letterpress's Usage Examples:

design relied on mechanical technologies such as the letterpress and lithography.

The letterpress, perfected in the mid fifteenth century by Johannes Gutenberg.

Motifs or designs may be added as many letterpress machines use movable plates that must be hand-set.

matrices for line-casting machines like the Linotype and Monotype, for letterpress printers.

Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) is a resource center for zine creation, letterpress printing, book binding and printing, based in Portland, Oregon, United.

types, yet the result is far cleaner and leaves a crisp impression in letterpress or offset printing.

Uttarbanga Sambad was started on 19 May 1980 in a small letterpress in Siliguri.

A chase is a heavy steel frame used to hold type in a letterpress.

jobbing press, job press, or jobber is a variety of printing press used in letterpress printing.

It follows the ISO 1073-2:1976 (E) standard, refined in 1979 ("letterpress" design, size I).

In letterpress printing and typesetting, a composing stick is a tray-like tool used to assemble pieces of metal type into words and lines, which are then.

non printing areas are below the surface, examples: flexography and letterpress.

encompasses type, stereotype, electrotype, and letterpress.

Flexographic printing is a form of rotary letterpress printing using flexible rubber plates and.

ink ball, inking ball, or dabber was a tool used in printmaking and letterpress printing to apply ink to the plate or type to be printed.

A Ludlow Typograph is a hot metal typesetting system used in letterpress printing.


printing process; printing; relief printing;

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