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 লাইসেন্স, অনুমতিপত্র, অনুমতি, অনুজ্ঞাপত্র, উত্পাদনের অনুমতি, বিক্রয়ের অনুমতি, অতিরিক্ত স্বাধীনতা, উচ্ছৃঙ্খলতা, লাম্পট্য, নিয়মলজ্ঘন,


নিয়মলজ্ঘন, লাম্পট্য, উচ্ছৃঙ্খলতা, অতিরিক্ত স্বাধীনতা, অনুমতিপত্র, বিক্রয়ের অনুমতি, উত্পাদনের অনুমতি, অনুমতি, অনুজ্ঞাপত্র, লাইসেন্স,

licences's Usage Examples:

is a comparison of free and open-source software licences.

The comparison only covers software licences with a linked article for details, approved by at.

License GFDL (without invariant sections) Free Art License Free software licences The Free Software Definition Open Content Open Content License Open Publication.

motorcycle licences), Canada (only car and motorcycle licences; by default, Canadian driver's licences will only be exchanged for licences to drive automatic.

works or licences that require copies or adaptations of the work to be released under the same or similar licence as the original.

Copyleft licences are free.

The licences for distributing free or open source software (FOSS) are divided in two families: permissive and copyleft.

Permissive licences (BSD, MIT.

were introduced to replace the 110 different plastic and paper driving licences of the 300 million drivers in the EEA.

skilled individuals who may not have the resources to obtain the necessary licences.

The 2012–14 Super League licences were awarded following the second round of licensing for the Super League rugby league competition.

The FIA issue licences subject to a 12-month probation period after first issue which applies.

The 2009–11 Super League licences were announced in May 2005 by the Rugby Football League (RFL) as the new determinant of the Super League competition's.

Such licences were granted by the king, and by the rulers of the counties palatine within.

licences in Australia refer to the official permit required for a person to legally drive a motor vehicle in Australia.

The issue of driver licences,.

This does not apply to driving licences issued by the DVA in Northern Ireland.

They also sold licences for others to make their engine products and Seelberg became a centre of.


approve; O.K.; accredit; franchise; certify; clear; pass; authorise; authorize; okay; recognise; sanction; license; charter; recognize;


stay; failing; prevent; decertify; disapprove;

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