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একটি ক্ষেপণাস্ত্র বা রকেট এর মোচাকার মাথা যে বায়ুমন্ডলের মধ্য দিয়ে তার উত্তরণ সময় তাপ থেকে পে লোড রক্ষা করে গঠিত সামনে

ogives's Usage Examples:

Sometimes ogives consist only of undulations or color bands and are described as wave ogives or band ogives.

Elliptical ogives are mainly used in pistol bullets.

More complex ogives can be derived from minimum turbulence calculations.

interior still has a Gothic stone staircase and a hall vaulted with crossed ogives, one of which has an unusual shape to allow for the opening of window.

They have weakly developed ogives and there is no evidence of glacial activity anywhere on the volcano.

The flows are covered by ogives (up to 30 metres (98 ft) high and with spacing of 50 by 100 metres (160 ft.

cantilevered stone protrusions, while the aisles contain two archivolt ogives and chamfered edging.

The wide grotesque candelabra on the ogives are perhaps from the same artist, due to similarities to those he painted.

banding patterns, visible on the surface of the Mer de Glace, are known as ogives, or Forbes bands, and result from differences in summer and winter collapse.

The exterior of this wall was decorated with flamboyant ogives.

In World War I, ogives were typically two circular radius head (crh) – the curve was a segment.

courtyard Canopy of the front door Ceiling of the main staircase in cross ogives.

Similarly, the third floor is covered in vaulted ceiling cruciform of ogives.

ogives's Meaning':

front consisting of the conical head of a missile or rocket that protects the payload from heat during its passage through the atmosphere


nose cone; front; heat shield;


rear; back; last; aft;

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