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siftings Meaning in Bengali

siftings's Usage Examples:

in Dgèrnésiais of the inhabitants of the parish: les croinchaons (the siftings, what is left behind in the sieve).

line the baskets which held the siftings of raupō pollen in the process of making bread (from the pollen), the siftings then being thrown out.

krappen (to pluck off, cut off, or separate) and the Old French crappe (siftings, waste or rejected matter, from the medieval Latin crappa).

Forest Bourdons bumblebees St Martin's Cravants ray fish St Andrew's Les croinchaons the siftings Torteval Ânes à pids d'ch'fa donkeys with horses' hooves.

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strain; riddle; screen; fan; winnow; rice; sieve; resift; separate;


joint; dependent; same; common; unite;

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