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sternest Meaning in Bengali

 অনমনীয়, কৃচ্ছ্রপূর্ণ, অদম্য, অদমনীয়, কঠোর,


পোতের পশ্চাদ্ভাগ, জাহাজের পশ্চাদ্ভাগ, জাহাজের লেজ, নিতম্ব, লেজ,


কঠোর, অদমনীয়, অদম্য, কৃচ্ছ্রপূর্ণ, অনমনীয়,

sternest শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

কঙ্কালটি পিছনের অংশে স্যাক্রাম এবং কক্কিক্স এবং বাম এবং ডান পাশে এক জোড়া নিতম্ব অস্থি দ্বারা গঠিত ।

নারীদের ক্ষেত্রে যে অঙ্গগুলো সবচেয়ে বেশি আঁকড়ে ধরা হয় সেগুলো হল নিতম্ব, স্তন, যোনি ও ঊরু ।

নিতম্বের হাড় দুটি নীচের অঙ্গগুলির সাথে মেরুদণ্ডকে সংযুক্ত ।

এরপর অক্টাভিয়ান অদমনীয় হয়ে উঠে এবং খ্রী:পূ: ২৭-এ রোমান সিনেটে তাকে আনুষ্ঠানিকভাবে অসীম ক্ষমতা ।

sternest's Usage Examples:

place on 19 November at the Bath Club, Bey at his home club was given his sternest test yet finally winning three games to two.

"Head-on collision over transport: The British government has received its sternest warning yet that its unflagging support for the car is seriously at odds.

over the Congress The Viceroy, Lord Irwin, was at this time directing the sternest repression Indian nationalism had known, but did not relish the role.

own way ready for trade, my joints the limberest joints on earth and the sternest joints on earth, A Kentuckian walking the vale of the Elkhorn in my deer-skin.

Lord Byron described him as "nature's sternest painter, yet the best.

described by one contemporary as: "about middle stature, [with] a face of the sternest aspect marked with a more than usual degree of savage Gloom, with a very.

and McComas described the series as "a high point in the application of sternest intellectual logic to screwball fantasy.

The mob is today the sternest, the strongest, and the most effective restraint that the age holds for.

three things concerning them from Allah's Messenger: "They will be the sternest of my Ummah against the Dajjal," one of them was a captive owned by Aisha.

In the 7th game of the season LSU faced its sternest test—undefeated Ole Miss on Halloween in Tiger Stadium.

in each of the last seven decades, Brubeck has passed the greatest and sternest test of all, time.

"Detroit ex-boxer awaits sternest test Wednesday".

concentration is in northern Ecuador, indicating that the Incas encountered the sternest resistance to their expansion there, an assumption confirmed by the early.

plotting, but described the series as "a high point in the application of sternest intellectual logic to screwball fantasy.

associated with the Grace Prep football program, Barber was given "one of the sternest sanctions ever administered" by the Texas Association of Private and Parochial.

Sweyn received the sternest judgement of them all, and was exiled for life.

One of the BUF's sternest critics locally was Roy Nicholls, chairman of the Young Socialists.

Giving only of our best In our sports and in our learning We will pass the sternest test And the crown upon our badges Is the strength within our hearts The.

He meets his sternest test when he confronts the Red Rogue of Dawna; even then, however, his.


strict; nonindulgent; austere;


top; natural elevation; lie; indulgent;

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