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suggestible Meaning in Bengali

 অভিভাব্য, সন্মোহনসাধ্য,



suggestible's Usage Examples:

collective cognitive imperative is an internal command or obligation felt by suggestible people that often drives their joining some group.

questioned under the influence of such substances have been found to be suggestible and their memories subject to reconstruction and fabrication.

assignments; in their default state, Actives are innocent, childlike and suggestible.

absence of protective factors, for the next suicide by a susceptible or suggestible person.

When the client had enough female attention and alcohol to be suggestible, co-workers of Barbash would show up and cajole him to taking them to.

common- sense recognition that some people, especially those who are suggestible, can be manipulated and exploited to a high degree.

form and was infected by the Sensei with a poison that rendered him suggestible.

It also pointed out that reports in the book were from suggestible children and adults who were "helped" with their memories through hypnosis.

tactics can have an impact on a witness's memory, which is malleable and suggestible.

front covers, to overwhelm readers' emotions and make them euphoric and suggestible.

The music video has some women scantily clad playing Totem tennis in a suggestible manner.

match, Rick Rude came to the ring and carried Francine backstage in a suggestible manner.

eyewitnesses and more suggestible to false cues is supported.

However, nowadays it is found that adults can be as suggestible to false memories as children.

unreliability of child testimony and that young children are easily suggestible, meaning an unethical or simply incompetent interrogator can easily get.

in Broadway's 'The Phantom of the Opera', will move into the role of suggestible ingénue Christine Daae beginning April 17" Playbill, April 11, 2006 Musbach.

Though prot's dialogue is usually satirical, he turns out to be highly suggestible and easily hypnotized.




protected; unsusceptible;

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