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ablate Meaning in Bengali

 অপসারণ বা ধংস করা সাধারণত কেটে বা ঘষে , কেড়ে নেত্তয়া


কেড়ে নেত্তয়া,

ablate's Usage Examples:

Endometrial ablation is a surgical procedure that is used to remove (ablate) or destroy the endometrial lining of the uterus in women who have heavy menstrual.

Almost all meteors which fall towards Earth ablate long before reaching its surface.

refers to removing material with a pulsed laser, but it is possible to ablate material with a continuous wave laser beam if the laser intensity is high.

to ablate the endometrium.

Thermal balloon: Using a thin expanding balloon placed within the uterus, providers can introduce heated fluid and ablate the.

technique that uses low energy radio frequency delivered through two needles to ablate excess prostate tissue.

The most common application of cryoablation is to ablate solid tumors found in the lung, liver, breast, kidney and prostate.

composite material, HfB2 can be formed into aerodynamic shapes that will not ablate during reentry.

Charles Munnerlyn, which gives the depth an excimer laser will need to ablate during LASIK surgery or similar medical interventions.

pulling it back to expose the corneal bed, then using an excimer laser to ablate the exposed surface to the desired shape, and then replacing the flap.

principle any type of laser, but especially: CO2 lasers, used to cut, vaporize, ablate and photo-coagulate soft tissue.

change the shape of the anterior central cornea using an excimer laser to ablate (remove by vaporization) a small amount of tissue from the corneal stroma.

Meteoroids that produce meteorites ablate as they pass through the atmosphere and lose mass.

search, track, and destroy low-flying drones, it is powerful enough to "ablate" or penetrate five 2 millimeter steel plates at a range of 800 meters or.

The process of vaporization can be used to ablate tissue targets, or, by linear extension, used to transect or cut tissue.

House tells them to ablate the patient's bone marrow, despite the team's arguments that this could.

This procedure uses radiofrequency energy to target and ablate a specific spinal tumor, causing it shrink and reduce the pressure on the.

used to induce the arrhythmia and local heating or freezing is used to ablate (destroy) the abnormal tissue that is causing it.

The primary uses of lasers in soft tissue surgery are to cut, ablate, vaporize, and coagulate.

Laser marking can be employed to ablate a coating or to cause a color change in certain materials.


withdraw; take; remove; take away;


fuse; lack; slip off; undress; refresh;

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