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abominated Meaning in Bengali

 ঘৃণায় পরিহার করা,


ঘৃণায় পরিহার করা,

abominated's Usage Examples:

Roman Pontiff… we abominated the doctrine of the Reformed Churches, as opposed to the Faith, not knowing in good truth what we abominated.

his son Şehzade Mehmed Abdülkadir would marry Emine Sultan, however she abominated this decision and repudiated it as she didn't wanted to form a marriage.

emperors such as Nero, Commodus, and Caracalla in popular displays or habits abominated by the elite historians who recorded them.

that Pork or swine’s flesh, in any shape, was, till of late years, much abominated by the Scotch, nor is it yet a favourite food amongst them.

novel is the tale of good versus evil, something that he states Tolkien "abominated", as the book constantly shows that the "allegedly good" can be dangerously.

However, Emine abominated this decision and repudiated it as she didn't wanted to marry a man younger.

impact" and that, when shown in Continental Europe, it was "execrated and abominated by European cinéastes from Edgar Reitz to Claude Lanzmann" but noted that.

movement were largely ignored by the establishment, by part for Boris Lurie abominated established artists like Andy Warhol, and in 1970 Lurie wrote his critique.

I abominated the black market dealers, the dollar speculators, the men of rapacity.

Peggy, the most popular girl in the show, becoming friends with its most abominated member--me? One night she crashed our dressing-room carrying a Wedgwood.

Charles was temperate in eating, and particularly so in drinking, for he abominated drunkenness in anybody, much more in himself and those of his household;.

above all a masterly exercise in the use of those 'shams' Camdenians most abominated.

Now the Prangui were abominated because they violated the most respected customs of India, by eating beef.

He abominated in his articles what he called "Wilhelmian histrionics" and bourgeois.

Shaw praised "Stanford the Celt" and abominated "Stanford the Professor", who reined in the emotions of the Celt.

Card"; Writing World online Doctor: "Serve you, Sutekh? Your name is abominated in every civilized world, whether that name be Set, Satan, Sodos.

articles, she expressed strongly held views on a wide range of subjects; she abominated the word "crispy", demanding to know what it conveyed that "crisp" did.

universally admitted, as the wickedness and cruelty of their proceedings abominated.


execrate; loathe; detest; abhor; hate;


bed; like; benevolence; philogyny; love;

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