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abseil's Usage Examples:

needed] Early Dülfersitz or body abseil technique did not require a harness or any equipment Later double carabiner brake abseil technique used simple carabiner.

high forces, and the knot, being on one side of the twin lines used in abseil, sees only half of this force.

Truglia died while attempting to abseil from a helicopter.

given permission to use the building for their abseil challenges to raise money.

Participants abseil down from the pyramid roof to street level.

prepare to abseil cathedral".

"Dean and Curate abseil down Derby.

diving rigs, to parachute insertion from fixed-wing aircraft and fast-rope, abseil, and Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) from rotary aircraft, to.

The South African Abseil or South African Double Roped Classical Abseil is a modern variation of the non-mechanical classical abseil method used by mountaineers.

Charity abseil events at Southwold lighthouse raised over £20,000 for the lifeboat in both.

knowledge of anchor techniques and the laying of mobile protection devices, abseil and rescue techniques are required.

carabiner, but this should only be done with the brake end of the rope in an abseil system in order to keep the Prusik clear of the belay plate.

first Guinness Record was for the "World's longest commercially operated abseil", managed by Semonkong Lodge, with a height of 204 m (669 ft).

Soldiers carried a 30-metre rope to enable them to abseil down from the forest canopy.

The group decided to abseil down the vertical face (the great rock barrier) to the base of the mountain.

"Daredevil duo's leap of faith as they prepare to abseil cathedral".

himself made the effort, despite a frozen hand due to losing a glove, to abseil down the face of the mountain and reach the team.

This follows an option to abseil down the tower, introduced in 2014.

and the three Chinese soldiers are camped to get permission from Niell to abseil into Low's Gully (which means going over 'The Point of No Return').

999 Pronounced "nine nine nine", the UK Emergency phone number (US:911) abseil a German loanword for descending on a rope (US rappel) Action Man the action.

series of abseils down the face, but due to their lightweight approach they had little protective equipment and were often forced to abseil from a single.



descent; rappel;


better; float; stay in place;

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