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actualisation Meaning in Bengali

 কার্যে রূপান্তর, বাস্তবায়ন,


বাস্তবায়ন, কার্যে রূপান্তর,

actualisation's Usage Examples:

essentially been met, one corollary being that, in his opinion, "self-actualisation .

differentiated actualisation from acting out.

Sandler specifies several different types of actualisation, including delusive actualisation and symbolic.

able to live a life of this character is to achieve 'self-activity' (actualisation), which Marx believes will only become possible after communism has.

Thus, the ingroup is expected to become a vehicle of actualisation of frustrated self-entitlement.

'systémologie générale' de Ludwig von Bertalanffy - Généalogie, genèse, actualisation et postérité d'un projet herméneutique", Doctoral Thesis (1138 pages).

Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss, argues that through the process of self-actualisation, one transcends the notions of the individuated "egoic" self and arrives.

It illustrates how financial independence is vital in achieving self-actualisation and also explores stereotypes and attitudes, changing outlooks and the.

('alienation') is a foundational proposition about man's progress towards self-actualisation.

discusses self-actualisation in connection with management, noting Maslow's term "eupsychian managers" for managers who have reached self-actualisation, and also.

" George Eman Vaillant Insanity defense Rationalism Sanism Self-actualisation Anderson, Steven W.

nature and the direction of people's movement is basically towards self-actualisation.

presse conjointe de Nizar Baraka et Driss Azami Idrissi : Adaptation et actualisation du projet de Loi de finances 2012".

who argue that the Internet should be seen as an instrument of ‘re-actualisation’ of Islam, that is the reinterpretation of Islamic doctrines in such.

create cultural identity, lifestyle, community, belonging and self-actualisation.

since allowing sex in any less restrictive forms would permit self-actualisation, individual intimacy, and intellectual freedom which all go against.

instance his chamber music pieces "Aktualisierungszwang" [compulsion for actualisation] and "Tonregelsystem 189" [system for sound regulation 189], which deal.

For Vallabha, Ananda, which is the first manifestation of God, is the actualisation of the absolute identity and selfness, whereas the second manifestation.


creating by mental acts; actualization; realisation; objectification; realization;

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