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adoringly Meaning in Bengali

adoringly's Usage Examples:

He gazes at her adoringly, not noticing that with the aid of an accomplice, she is stealing his.

This snapshot shows Spreckels smiling up adoringly at Presley.

Nativity, and inside the arch above the lunette there are angels looking adoringly at the scene.

snowy mountains, as well as scenes of him and his love interest staring adoringly at each other.

"Clintons" then escape on a motorcycle driven by "Hillary" with "Bill" adoringly holding onto his wife as she drives them to freedom.

They smoke together at Sonya's house and Coley watches adoringly as Sonya dances freely in an outdoor open space.

them sitting in the same seats in a crowded stadium, with Beryl looking adoringly at him.

, Buffy adoringly listens to R.

During her performance, Kendrick stares adoringly at images of Blunt on a monitor while sporting a t-shirt imprinted with.

At Brigitte's house, Erasmus stares at her adoringly, barely speaking, and asks for her autograph.

Saint Anne smiles adoringly at her daughter Mary, perhaps indicating not only maternal pride but also.

The company literature would later look back adoringly on them, calling them "two of [White's] best mechanics" who had "perfected.

Tiffany gazes adoringly, mouthing his words, whilst Winnie gets bored and balances a pencil of.

friendly yet stressful relationship with her neighbor downstairs, whom she adoringly calls Tai (meaning sister in Marathi).

His eyes stare adoringly up at the face of Viṣṇu.

While the women look at him adoringly, Rimmer impresses Hollister with his theories on future echoes and universes.

and 1984 presidential elections, saying of both Nancy Reagan and him adoringly, "Ronald Reagan makes me proud to be an American.

where Eastwood agreed to storylines where nubile females look at him adoringly (including minors in this film and Pale Rider).

usually being driven off in her stretch limousine by the young man who adoringly follows her everywhere to the praises of a quartet of identical cheerleaders.

Captain Belaye also does not notice that his 'sailors' are looking up adoringly at him.

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