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 নঙ্গর বাঁধা, নঙ্গর বাঁধিবার স্থান, নঙ্গর বাঁধিবার উপকরণ, নঙ্গর বাঁধিবার বাবদ শুল্ক,


নঙ্গর বাঁধিবার বাবদ শুল্ক, নঙ্গর বাঁধা, নঙ্গর বাঁধিবার উপকরণ, নঙ্গর বাঁধিবার স্থান,

anchorages's Usage Examples:

For conventional vessels working in mid-stream at buoys or anchorages, it is 42 and 52 hours respectively.

laid around an individual ship at anchor, or around harbors or other anchorages.

ferry passengers and mail, communicate between vessels, scout to sound anchorages, convey water and provisions, or carry armed sailors for boarding expeditions.

opposite the island's narrow isthmus from Shallow Bay and the largest of the anchorages, and the most exposed, particularly to southeast winds.

Cruise boats regularly enter the river from the bay and many anchorages exist along the length of the river with gorges and sandy beaches that.

There are good anchorages nearby off Eilean Fladday and Rona, but the nearest road stops at Arnish.

ground via large anchorages.

The design is well-suited for construction atop elevated piers, or in areas of unstable soils where anchorages would be difficult.

These anchorages form the ends of a "casting bed" which may be many times the length of.

administered and trained by the Royal Navy to operate in the ports and anchorages of the UK in an Emergency.

Waterways: none Ports and harbours: Plymouth (abandoned), Little Bay (anchorages and ferry landing), Carr's Bay Merchant marine: none (2002 est.

Sheltered anchorages for boaters can be found in Eagle Harbor with public state park facilities.

It has no anchorages or campsites, and human visitation is discouraged to protect the birds.

It offers one of the best anchorages on Spitsbergen's northwest coast, "being sheltered from most winds and.

first located off Tarrytown, New York, on the Hudson River, one of eight anchorages in the United States to provide a sizable reserve of merchant ships to.

The river is popular with recreational boaters because of its secluded anchorages, fishing, crabbing and proximity to the tourist attractions of St.

fuel depots and heating installations, old and new runways, as well as anchorages that allow for the delivery of construction materials and supplies.

Part 2, covering top tether anchorages was published in December 2004.


Last Frontier; AK; Alaska;


overgarment; natural object;

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