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austerely Meaning in Bengali

austerely's Usage Examples:

the Dean and Chapter, and the city council are combining to convert the austerely beautiful building, the old gaol at Lincoln, into a joint record office.

The same austerely geometrical effect is achieved without great cost or pretentious effects.

psychedelic pop style he explored on Around the World in a Day (1985), austerely produced funk, and soundtrack compositions.

An austerely produced trip hop record, Nearly God was well received by critics and.

His technique in which austerely judges academically with intense personal tone.

servants than by the servants themselves, its tone was "patronizing and austerely evangelical".

It was an austerely rational structure with few stylistic pretensions.

lavishness of that nobleman's house, he withdrew to a small farm and lived austerely.

characteristic when he describes how "Road Runner films rank among the most austerely pared-down works of modern art.

"Pope orders retired prelates to live austerely, shun power".

his more tonal later style and "represented a stylistic breakthrough: austerely plaintive, emotionally direct and steeped in medieval modes.

offer much of a journey in terms of color—this hour of music ranges from austerely ruminative to evocative of angst in the manner of postwar high modernism.

government used the song as propaganda to encourage Indonesians to live austerely during wartime as crops were diverted to feed soldiers on the frontlines.

He was married, and a member of the austerely devout lay Brotherhood of Our Lady.

He received no financial help, however, and had to live austerely.

The result is an "austerely structured" complex with a "rustic style".

Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly granted the film a B+ and called it an "austerely wild, religiously amoral drama.

They have a heroic and dramatic tone, highlighted by the gestures, but austerely restrained, which Antonio Natali defined as "a chorus of Greek tragedy".

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