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authenticates Meaning in Bengali

 বিশুদ্ধতা প্রমাণ করা,


বিশুদ্ধতা প্রমাণ করা,

authenticates's Usage Examples:

President of India, he summons members to attend session of Parliament and authenticates bills in the absence of the Speaker.

Beginning with Windows 2000 SP4, Active Directory authenticates remote users.

factotum then authenticates to the service on behalf of the program.

In computing, the Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) authenticates a user or network host to an authenticating entity.

It authenticates users, stores user account information and enforces security policy.

businessman have for many years been successful in a company which authenticates paintings before they are auctioned.

of the card must be used, and a microchip on the card verifies and authenticates the transaction.

FDsys authenticates, preserves and provides permanent public access to federal government.

Authentications commissions District of Columbia notaries public and authenticates documents for domestic and foreign use.

Criminal procedure is a formalized official activity that authenticates the fact of commission of a crime and authorizes punitive or rehabilitative.

DNSCrypt is a network protocol that authenticates and encrypts Domain Name System (DNS) traffic between the user's computer and recursive name servers.

is the exchange of session key in a key exchange protocol which also authenticates the identities of parties involved in key exchange.

Wireless Domain Services (WDS) takes the place of the RADIUS server, and authenticates the client without perceptible delay in voice or other time-sensitive.

A person authenticates to a computer system or application by demonstrating that he or she.

Usually the MLB Authentication Program authenticates items used during baseball games, with baseballs and baseball bats being.

6-digit one-time code, valid for 2 minutes, which the user generates and authenticates in his/her mobile banking app.

both authenticate each other), while TLS with server certificates only authenticates the server to the client.

This means that the server also authenticates itself to the client which prevents phishing without reliance on the.

Security Token Service (STS), the RP redirects clients to an STS which authenticates the client and issues it a security token containing a set of claims.


certify; attest; prove; manifest; demonstrate; verify; evidence;


affirm; disclaim; negate; direct evidence; circumstantial evidence;

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