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literary theory and aesthetics, authorial intent refers to an author's intent as it is encoded in their work.

While the authorial role of Catherine Crook de Camp is not credited in the book, it has been.

Shakespeare attribution studies is the scholarly attempt to determine the authorial boundaries of the William Shakespeare canon, the extent of his possible.

Hirsch has been associated with the concept of authorial intent in modern literary theory, since the publication in 1967 of his.

Caryl Emerson describes it as "a decentered authorial stance that grants validity to all voices.

The poem is written as a clear authorial commentary from Blake, focusing on the tension between human passions.

This authorial presence also extends into a corresponding doppelganger in the form of.

text, and was possibly written by someone with access to an original authorial holograph, now lost.

to regard him as an essential collaborator who intentionally muted his authorial voice to create the effect of Malcolm X speaking directly to readers.

The second, or final, continuation is remarkable for being in one authorial voice, and it relates the events of The Anarchy in England.

Fielding's stance on gender issues cannot be determined because of the lack of authorial commentary discussing the matter.

advancing age and encroaching death (Atwood was 68 in 2007), as well as authorial fame and the drive to produce writing.

) Critics had scored the play, saying that the lack of Nabokov's authorial voice made the musical salacious.

Paul Werstine states that foul papers "need not refer exclusively to authorial drafts", and that the term "simply describes papers that are to be, are.

autofiction there tends to be emphasis on the narrator's or protagonist's or authorial alter ego's status as a writer or artist and that the book’s creation.



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