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 দেউলিয়ার অবস্থা, সম্পূর্ণ বিনাশ, ঋণপরিশোধে অক্ষমতা, ভাব ইত্যাদির নি:স্বতা,


ঋণপরিশোধে অক্ষমতা, সম্পূর্ণ বিনাশ, ভাব ইত্যাদির নি:স্বতা, দেউলিয়ার অবস্থা,

bankruptcies's Usage Examples:

In a similar way, Philip II of Spain had to declare four state bankruptcies in 1557, 1560, 1575 and 1596.

Settlements and bankruptcies in Catholic sex abuse cases have affected several American dioceses, whose compensation payments have totaled in the billions.

fewer than 600 municipal bankruptcies.

In 2012 there were twelve chapter 9 bankruptcies in the United States, and.

closed due to factors including over-expansion of malls, rising rents, bankruptcies of leveraged buyouts, low quarterly profits outside holiday binge spending.

Originally, the District Court itself handled bankruptcies; these and admiralty court cases dominated nearly to the exclusion of.

departing ships, cargoes, ship location updates, births, deaths and bankruptcies.

The hotel went through many ownerships and bankruptcies, ultimately converting into a hospital and nursing home facilities, including.

The crash led to several other bankruptcies and unemployment in Southern Norway, and marked the end of Arendal as.

economic structure of the airline industry may contribute to airline bankruptcies as well.

These relationships can be complicated by bankruptcies.

At its 2007 peak, prior to the filing of the first of two Chapter 11 bankruptcies, Bally operated nearly 440 facilities located in 29 U.

criticized, with a suggestion that this was a factor that led to two bankruptcies.




bull"s eye; success;

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