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 দেউলিয়া অবস্থা, দেউলিয়াপনা, দেউলিয়া করা, সর্বস্বান্ত করা, দেউলিয়ার অবস্থা, ঋণপরিশোধে অক্ষমতা, ভাব ইত্যাদির নি:স্বতা, সম্পূর্ণ বিনাশ,


ঋণপরিশোধে অক্ষমতা, সম্পূর্ণ বিনাশ, ভাব ইত্যাদির নি:স্বতা, দেউলিয়ার অবস্থা,

bankruptcy শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

বেড়াল কপটাচারী ভিটেমাটি চাটি করা সর্বাংশে ধ্বংস করা ভিটেয় ঘুঘু চড়ানো সর্বস্বান্ত করা ভীতুর ডিম অত্যধিক ভীতু ভীমরতি বার্ধক্যজনিত বুদ্ধিভ্রংশতা ভীমরুলের চাকে ।

bankruptcy's Usage Examples:

Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (Title 11 of the United States Code) permits reorganization under the bankruptcy laws of the United States.

Finally, in 2010, MGM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

MGM emerged from bankruptcy later that year under the ownership of its creditors, at.

Before filing for bankruptcy in 2008, Lehman was the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States.

Before its bankruptcy on December 3, 2001, Enron employed approximately 29,000 staff and was.

In January 2012, Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

company's assets were liquidated and purchased by other companies through bankruptcy proceedings.

In 2012 Stockton filed for what was then the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history, which had multiple causes including financial mismanagement.

The studio eventually declared bankruptcy in February 2018, with independent studio Lantern Entertainment acquiring.

enter bankruptcy, but not necessarily.

Once a loss is accepted by all parties, negotiation is often able to resolve the situation without bankruptcy.

In February 2009, Midway Games filed in Delaware for bankruptcy.

telecommunications companies, including MCI Communications in 1998, and filed bankruptcy in 2002 after an accounting scandal, in which several executives, including.

filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March 2018, having accumulated over "950 million in debt.

Remington exited bankruptcy in May 2018, less than.

In the United States, bankruptcy is governed by federal law, commonly referred to as the "Bankruptcy Code" ("Code").

[citation needed] From that period until its emergence from bankruptcy on December 20, 2010, MGM Holdings was owned by Providence Equity Partners.

precipitated a succession of ownership changes and the club's eventual bankruptcy in March 2015 with total liabilities of €218 million, including €63m unpaid.

of Title 11 of the United States Code (Bankruptcy Code) governs the process of liquidation under the bankruptcy laws of the United States, in contrast.

United States bankruptcy courts are courts created under Article I of the United States Constitution.

The current system of bankruptcy courts was created.

Upon being publicized in October 2001, the company declared bankruptcy and its accounting firm, Arthur Andersen – then one of the five largest.

RadioShack Corporation filed for Chapter 11 protection under United States bankruptcy law after 11 consecutive quarterly losses.




bull"s eye; success;

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